DECEMBER 2006 --- Despite his failed prophecy from May 2006 that "vicious hurricanes" and a possible tsunami would lash the American coastline this year, Pat Robertson has been named "Meteorologist of the Year" by the American Meteorologist Society. "He may be a false prophet, but he's one heck of a weatherman" said AMS spokesman Ned Wainwright in his praise of the famous 700 Club host. "We believe that Pat exemplifies the quintessential meteorologist when he proves that we don't know squat about weather forecasting. Sure, his hurricane prediction was a colossal blunder, but when was the last time Willard Scott got anything right?"

Though most major weather forecasters expected a busy hurricane season this year, none of them claimed to receive their information from a divine source. Despite their dire predictions, however, the 2006 hurricane season (which ended in November) was one of the quietest in almost a decade. In fact, according to the National Hurricane Center, not a single hurricane or tsunami hit the U.S. shoreline during the entire season, an event which hasn't happened since 2001....


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