India: Convent attacked in Mysore

November 30, 2006: Avila Convent and School in Mysore was attacked by a group of Hindutva militants of the Bajrang Dal and the VHP (Viswa Hindu Parishad) at 11.30 am today (Thursday, the 30th of November, 2006).
There was an attempt to assault Rev. Sister Francina, the Headmistress of the School and desecrating a statue of Infant Jesus placed on the premises.
A noisy group of five men barged into the school in the morning, dragging along a man who they had caught while he was distributing tracts near some other schools in the area. They accused the Headmistress, Sr. Francina, of having sent the man to distribute the tracts.
The tract distributor denied the accusation, said he had not been allowed to enter the school by the watchman. At this, the ruffians dragged the man out again, beating him badly. A while later, they brought him back, and this time the man pointed out the Headmistress as the one who had sent him to distribute tracts.
Then they attempted to beat up the sister, and she was protected by the attender and the peon, who received several blows in the process. The sisters called up the Mobile Garuda police van which arrived and asked the sister, the man who had distributed the tracts, and the goons to go with them in the van to the police station.
They started to do so, when the local Sub-Inspector arrived at the gate, and made everyone get out and tried to hush up the matter. The local Christian political leaders and other well-wishers quickly arrived and the issue was taken up and a press meet called. As the perpetrators had been let off and not arrested, they insisted on their arrest....


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