Is God bigger than Christianity?

Kind of a weird question from a pastor. So i posted a comment but it hasn't been approved so i'll share it here. it really helps to read the article first though.
fwiw, the church describes itself as,

"St. Paul's Collegiate Church is a post-denominational community church in Storrs, CT, that was planted and officially launched in February 2005.
There are over 18,000 college students and 20-somethings living in the Storrs-Mansfield community, home to the main campus of the University of Connecticut. Less than five percent of this group attends a local church."

i wrote

i'm a UConn IVCF alumnus, '92, and i was excited to see somemore outreach at UConn, including this church. IVCF actually let me come back and give a talk last winter. it's at my blog in series called things i learned in college. but that's my introduction. i've been following your blog for awhile, but this is the first one that makes me want to comment.

i think it's misleading to say Jesus wasn't a Christian. a Christian is a Christ-one. also, he's God, so he didn't need anyone to die for his sins.

i'm not sure how to understand the rhetorical question in the first paragraph. if He created the religious system that, alone, enables eternal life with Him, then it's a false statement to say we put Him in it. and i'm not saying that one denomination or post-denomination is exclusively perfect. however, those who reject Jesus, or only like Him or admire Him, but refuse to surrender to Him, those have not embraced the system God wrote about.
not that God doesn't call them. i have missionary friends who know of Muslims who have dreamed of Jesus but will not convert, just like many around Jesus when he walked with us.
so what do you mean that God is bigger than Christianity?


Ben Dubow said…
Hey John-

I posted a response to your comments over on the St. Paul's blog. Sorry it took so long to post your comment... it got lost among a lot of spam and junk.

God Bless!


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