more alternative construction options

thermal mass is a passive way to stabilize temperatures. that's why a stone fireplace stays warm long after the fire has turned to embers. thermal mass is also why radiant floors are often under poured concrete floors, as the cement will slowly release the heat. this product called SCIPs has a foam or straw core encased in wire mesh with shotcrete sprayed on either side. so its an engineered version of a strawbale home. kind of neat.
green sandwich: article
tridpanel: article
solarcrete: article
sipcrete :article
thermomass: blog
i found one company that precasts all this stuff, csips, called Dukane
i don't know if this is pre-made or not Dow TMass: article

UPDATE: got an email from Dow that they don't make it anymore. found out SCIPs are better for warm climates. ICF is better for colder climates.

i like the concept of radiant heat floors. usually the heat comes from water circulating under the floor. but there's this neat thing called the air floor. it circulates warm air in the heating season and cool air in the cooling season.

UPDATE: similar product but closed loop, called Legalett


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