Sand Creek: American genocide against the Native Americans

Another quote from Blood and Soil by Ben Kiernan on atrocities by European Americans against Native Americans. This is one committed by a Christian church elder.
The year 1864 was an election year in the Colorado territory, where whites were settling on Cheyenne and Arapaho land. The Rocky Mountain News sought settler support for the Colorado governor’s proposals for the territory’s statehood. The paper proclaimed in March 1863 that Indians “ought to be wiped from the face of the earth,” one of 10 occasions that year on which it urged extermination of Indians. After two soldiers fell in a clash, 25 Indians died in reprisal. The military commander predicted” “[N]ow is but the commencement of war with this tribe, which must result in exterminating them.” A Methodist Episcopal church elder, Colonel John Chivington of the 1st Colorado Cavalry, campaigned for Congress on his policy to “kill and scalp all, little and big.” On May 31, 1864, Chivington ordered Major Edward Wynkoop, commander of Fort Lyon: “The Cheyenne will have to be soundly whipped before they will be quiet. If any of them are caught in your vicinity kill them, as that is the only way.” Echoing an English officer in seventeenth-century Ireland, and more recently H. L. Hall in California, Chivington often stated his view that “Nits make lice.” (356-7) [meaning “kill the children”]

I blogged about him before. It was from another book report almost 2 years ago. The massacre at Sand Creek cost him any public good will he had up till that point. Subsequently, he led an unsuccessful and unrepentant life.

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april said…
I'M a native american, Blackfeet from Montana. I've tried to look at the biger picture. Yes my ancestors suffered greatly and many still do. I am eternally grateful to my ancestors and the Creator for I know it was for greater growth. For amongst all the destruction the ancestors were planting seeds and we are the harvest. Ther is a great awakening happening all over the world in many cultures, we are but one but a very key to what I feel is a lost tribe. They are the ones brought here, they're the ones who have lost their way, their drum. I was told they came to avoid religeous persecution, pretty ironic. this tribe was so ill when it arrived here that they couldn't see the reality before them.We didn't have a religeon per se because our day to day was lived in joy and celebration for all the creator has given us Yes our way our path was almost lost, but right today we grow stronger.We have many teachers here now and many that crossover to teach. We are so blessed. Today I welcome and bless this lost tribe for it has been through them that we've grown stronger. I claim the strength of my ancestors I welcome and send blessings out to the lost. When you are ready to turn your boat around . We are here to guide you. Remember there are many paths leading home. Choose one,they all lead home.
jpu said…
Thanks so much for your input April. I'm so glad you have found hope. Certainly our creator can restore the wasted years. I'm just so sorry that those who claim the name of Christ felt justified in exterminating the weak and orphaned.
God is good

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