Book report: The Last Days of the Incas by MacQuarrie

This is a great anecdote about contrasting missionary approaches in Kim MacQuarrie's book, The Last Days of the Incas.

…when Friar Garcia learned that the emporer had more than one wife, “the servant of God castigated him [Titu Cusi] with apostolic zeal.” Apparently, the zeal of the apostles not only went unappreciated by the emperor, but greatly annoyed him as well.
Friar Diego Ortiz, by contrast, was much more relaxed in his missionary style and, as a consequence, Titu Cusi is said to have taken an immediate liking to him. Unlike his compatriot, Ortiz was affable and flexible and generally more congenial. Within a short while, two tiny Christian churches began to operate in the Incas’ hidden kingdom… (360)

Later on the two priests set ablaze an Inca shrine, which got the zealous friar kicked out of the Inca capitol, but the more congenial, Ortiz, was allowed to stay. However, Ortiz died a martyr’s death shortly thereafter in retribution for the offense. There must be a lesson in there somewhere but I'm not sure what it is...any suggestions?


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