Yurt and Cinema review: Cave of the Yellow Dog

This is a great Mongolian story filmed by a German. It is subtitled. It is about a family's life in their yurt on the Mongolian steppe as they tend their ponies and sheep and hybrid wolf/dog puppy discovered by the young daughter. My family and I watched it last spring but I didn't think of reviewing it until my dear wife noted the connection to my yurt post. Towards the end of the movie the family disassembles their yurt for the move to greener pastures. It is all very fascinating. The interview with the director on the DVD is great. This isn't filmed with actors. It's a Mongolian family who let her film their real lives but also pretend with some dramatic elements to make a story arc. The film's website in english is here. There is also a wiki entry

Not related to the movie, but I have friends who lived in a yurt with their 3 children for a year while they built their house. They own a small local farm and call the yurt their future farm stand. After they moved into the house, the dad told me he really misses yurt life. The inconvenience of the lack of privacy was overshadowed by the emotional intimacy the family developed.


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