Resolution report: Read your Bible

Last year, I resolved to read my Bible through 4 times. In the first quarter, I borrowed a copy of Reese's Chronological Bible, divided the number of pages by 90, and read 18 pages a day, in King James english no less. It went really well. In the second quarter I divided the number of pages in my NET bible by 90 and read 22 pages a day. That also went well. I spiced the 3rd quarter up a bit by reading the Old Testament through in the Jewish traditional order and the new Testament through in an author-clustered order. In the fourth quarter, I read the NET bible for the third time. I read 12 chapters a day, enough to get through the entire book in 90 days. But, instead of waiting 2 months to get through the OT before reaching the NT I interleaved the NT after the Pentateuch. Then some more OT, then some more NT, then the wheels came off the bus. I didn't finish it a fourth time. I got really, really busy.
  1. I recommend everyone read through the Bible. I'm following through the M'Cheyne plan again. The neat thing with his plan is private readings and family readings. For the family readings, we are listening to the Bible Experience together. It is so well-read, my kids give me grief for stopping it at the end of the chapters, 2 a day as a family, 2 in private.
  2. I recommend reading through (or listening to) the entire Bible as fast as you can at least once so that you can see the how the NT and OT play a harmony, Hebrews and Leviticus, Revelation and Ezekiel, Matthew and Isaiah.
  3. Include your family in your reading travels too.


Janet Rubin said…
I like the bible-reading plan they handed out at church last week. Cool set-up. I survived-- even enjoyed-- the first week. Pray I'm faithful for week 2? I have NEVER actually completed one of these. But if you can do 4 times in one year...

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