Top 10 posts 3rd week Jan 2008

These posts are my favorites from my travels around the blogs. They appear in the shared feeds section all week here at the Umblog, or you can bookmark this page, or add it to your feeds with the RSS link.

1-The Tall Skinny Kiwi broke down the 5 models of the emerging church back in the last century and now he's reposting his analysis, which is good fun. Enjoy.

2-A widow describes her painful transition with and without the church's help at Christianity Today.

3-The white wife of a bi-racial couple describes the racism her husband lives with constantly, in the context of Obama's pastor's Afro-centrist stand.

4-I blogged about induction stoves before. Here is one person's new and pleasant experience with his own.

5-A Canadian journalist defends his right before a government agent to publish the controversial Mohammed cartoons.

6-A conversation with the boys on their bikes by a Christian who wants to know what the good news is that they are restoring.

7-A yurt kit that can be set up in 45 minutes, the Yurta.

8-Randy Alcorn talks his sadness and remarks on the fact that we weren't made for this world.

9-For greek Bible geeks, how about a question mark at Romans 5:15-16?

10-John Mark Reynold's finds a biblical lesson for American Christians in Rehoboam's "give 'em scorpions" folly.

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