cinema review: Super Size Me

I really don't mind being late to trendy things. Time lets those trends percolate and refine and determine if the hype was worth it. Four years after this documentary's release, Super Size Me, is still a great view. Turns out I could have watched it a long time ago because it is entirely on-line at Google Video. However, I decided against embedding it as there are some inappropriate segments and language for all ages. In case you forgot or never heard, a healthy guy with a vegan chef girlfriend is intrigued by a lawsuit filed against McDonalds by two overweight, adolescent girls. He was intrigued and wondered if McDonalds was actually damaging their customers' health for a profit. Since the restaurants offer breakfast, lunch and dinner he figured he'd eat all three meals there every day for thirty days. In short, it was physically disastrous for his body. He gained 16 pounds in 30 days that took 9 months to lose. His physician begged him to stop early because his liver was turning into pâté. As the wiki article points out, it is possible to eat from McD's for a month and lose weight, through portion control and healthy choices, but that takes abundant will-power when walking into that establishment which smells wonderfully of salt and fat and sugar which a larger portion can be had for only a few cents more.

This movie has me regretting buying the occasional milkshake, an indulgence of mine. I guess I need to stick with my  icthy-ovo-lacto-ento-vegetarian diet. Someone told me I'm a flexitarian.

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patrick said…
finally got around to seeing Super Size Me; i was impressed by Morgan Spurlock's insight as his movie gets into not only the physical but also the social effects of consuming fast food

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