10 Questions for the Mormon

10 Questions for the Mormon: "#10 -Salvation-
According to classical Christianity, Jesus' finished work on the cross is sufficient to cover our sins – past, present, and future. We have merely to accept this atonement and the lordship of Christ by faith in order to find our places as adopted children of God. The works that we are to perform are merely a response to our salvation, not the cause of it. In Mormon theology, faith in Jesus seems only a start; works and obedience to law and temple rites seem to be an essential part of the road to exaltation, and the results are very much dependent on self-effort.
What is it that Jesus has done for you, and what remains for you to do? Why was it necessary for Him to do anything for you? If you are ultimately responsible for your fate, why can't you do it all? How well are you keeping the laws and living a virtuous life? Do you count even your impure thoughts, your general self-centeredness, and even those things done in carelessness and ignorance? What do you do with the mounting debt of your inevitable shortcomings? How can you know if you are acceptable before a perfectly holy God?"


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