Pastors and Worldliness -- Then versus Now

yikes! that's all i have to say...this is the intro. click the link to read the quotes in apposition.

"One of the reasons that worldliness is rampant in today's church, is the lowering of standards for pastors. These days anyone can start a church, even if they have no seminary training, minimal bible knowledge, and even if they exhibit questionable personal behavior. The required ingredients seem to be zeal and enough charisma to captivate a crowd. Here's a look at the worldly standards of some pastors today as compared to pastors of centuries-past.

An interesting gauge for measuring worldliness is a pastor's usage and attitude towards his free time. What follows is not intended to be a thorough examination, nor is it intended to be a condemnation of all forms of recreation and relaxation. But it is an interesting comparison of the attitudes and practices of pastors, from both now and then (in past centuries).

Demonstrating the standards of centuries gone by, I've selected some excerpts from the writings of two head pastors, from the 18th century (Jonathan Edwards), and the 17th century (Richard Baxter). I believe these men to be representative of the morality standards of their day.

Representing the new breed of pastors, I've selected some excerpts from the public blogs of two of today's head pastors: church planter - Gary Lamb, and mega-church founder Perry Noble. I do not believe that these men are extreme cases, but rather - are representative of seeker-driven innovative church pastors in their age category. It's worth noting that more extreme cases could be found by sampling the public statements of (postmodern) Emerging Church pastors instead."


Geoff said…
This blogger (Old Truth) and his commenters come across as mean-spirited. That really undermines their credibility. You know my pet peeve. Comparing a couple blog posts with hand-picked selections from Jonathan Edwards devotional writings is comparing apples and oranges. And it's not fair.


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