So what happens at a church that goes house to house?

this is short enough to quote in full....

Philip and Kim and family wake on Sunday morning. They snooze for a while and read the Sunday paper. Their three boys aged 9, 6 and 4 are playing together in the lounge. At about 8:30am they eat breakfast together and Mum quickly whips up some muffins to take for lunch at church. At just before 10:30 am the family jumps in the car and drives over to their friends the Jackson’s who are hosting and coordinating the meeting that week. When they arrive the kids run outside to play and the adults stand around and enjoy a nice brewed coffee.
For a while people hang around catching up and talking about how things are going. After a while the kids are called in and the adults and kids sit around the edge of the lounge (there is 18 people their today). Without opening his Bible, John begins to tell a story of the Prodigal son. After he finishes he asks every person what thing spoke to them the most out of the story. The kids share first because they can’t wait to tell, when they tell their truth he asks how they will apply that truth to their lives that week and who will they share the truth with. As the adults tackle their truths also the kids run off again.
When people have finished applying the prodigal son to their lives, Jane flicks on a song on the CD player and the adults enter into a time of worship and prayer, prophecy and intercession, words are brought, challenges and body ministry to one another. Jack then brings out some bread and a glass of wine, as the kids come back in and challenges people to not take it if they are not in unity with anyone else in the room. In the period of silence some begin to weep, God is doing something. People quietly walk up and take communion as they are ready. The smell of fresh bread wafts in to remind people that the pot luck lunch is ready. As music plays, people, eat, laugh, share and encourage one another. Someone asks about what’s happening to the money that’s being given. Someone reminds the church of a single mother whose father has just died. Over lunch everyone agrees to give her $500.00 out of the giving to help her fly to the funeral, several of the church gift another $200.00 to help her get there. Someone else enquires about how the support for the missionary in China is going and hears that the group is on target to raise $10 000 for that family in 12 months. As people start to head off, a person admits as he heads off that he is really struggling at the moment. Everyone stops tidying up and gathers around him, the Holy Spirit comes, powerful prayer, prophetic guidance and much love is shown. Finally Philip and Kin gather up the boys who don’t want to leave their friends. They arrive home at 2pm, but with lunch out of the way it’s time for a siesta on the Sabbath. A day for spiritually recharging the batteries and resting the body, that’s a perfect Sabbath day!


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