How Important Is That Idea To You?

Ilona writes an intriguing intro to a book i've never heard of.
The book is “The Trinity and Subordinationism The Doctrine of God & the Gender Debate” by Kevin Giles. My latest post @ truegrit introduces some of the premises and explains my way of approaching the scriptures. But the book itself brings up not only big questions, but undergirds many of the things built into me from an early age. Being brought up Presbyterian, the Nicene Creed was like the singing of the doxology, almost welded to my DNA . But as Giles brings up in his book, the concept of the Trinity, or trinitarianism, as theology was largely neglected from that flurry of debate in those early centuries until only recently. Except for witnessing to cult members- who have twisted ideas of Jesus, I hadn't given lots of thought, nor heard much teaching, on the Godhead.

There are reasons in the culture that we need to look at some of this doctrine, including many of the points that Giles raises in his book. Among these is that
the emphasis upon ideas of the subordination of women resurrects the Arian heresy. The problems involved in ideas of permanent subordination, not only in the view of slavery, but in the view of the Trinity, and specifically of Christ.


Joe said…
The Trinity is a very important concept, because it identifies who Jesus is as opposed to who mankind in general is.

There are, sadly, several nationally known preachers and evangelists who are not trinitarian in their doctrine, although theirs are usually counted among the mainstream churches.

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