Truth In Love to Mormons

I haven't begun to explore this website yet, but this page of downloads has some excellent stuff in it, like this from their Winessing Summary.

Desired Outcome
Is it "To get Mormons out of the Mormon Church"?
Getting a Mormon out of the Mormon church, but not into Christ'sflock does no favor for the Mormon
Is it "First bring them out of the church, then bring them to faith"?
Ex-Mormons not already brought to faith often are hurt, angry, resentful and likely to become agnostic. They often reject all organized religion
Focusing on the errors of Mormonism is more likely to push them away, than bring them closer to Jesus
Or, "To bring Mormons to faith"?
Bible: No one can come to faith by logic
Only the power of God's Word can bring a person to faith
We need not convince Mormons of Mormonism's falsehoods to witness God's Word
Some of the boys on bikes in ties approached me on the way into the public library. I made an appointment for them to come over on Tuesday afternoon. I've tried many approaches with the boys, mostly confrontational on one angle or another, but I haven't focused on grace much. This site seems to fit the bill of what I want to do.


Vessey said…
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