Is Nehemiah 8 the Model?

At Theological Musings: Preaching in the Church -- Is Nehemiah 8 the Model? Steve Sensenig calls to the carpet dreadful high-church eisegesis of Ezra's reading of the Law to the returned exiles. I agree with Steve that it is poor form to equate being on a platform with an authoritative posture. Ick!
I've talked about this passage before, and later concluded that maybe i was really talking about a multi-"simple church" meeting, a different kind of hybrid. But I'm drawn back somewhat to this hybrid.


Steve Sensenig said…
Thanks for visiting my blog the other day and commenting on this topic. I read your previous post with interest. I never envisioned the model you present, and yet I think it might have some really good applications. Thanks for the good interaction, and for the link, too!

steve :)

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