INDIA: Pastor Hospitalized After Easter Service Attack

Christian Persecution Blog: INDIA: Pastor Hospitalized After Easter Service Attack: "VOM sources inside India report Pastor V.P. Paulouse’s church was raided by 15 mob members. While leading an Easter worship service and prayer meeting near Mangalore in Karnataka state, the church was raided by members reported to be from the Bajrang Dal (youth wing of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, or World Hindu Council). Entering the prayer hall with their faces covered, the extremists beat the pastor with cricket bats and also turned their assault on other believers, including his wife and daughters. The Hindu mob vandalized the hall’s furniture and equipment, worth more than 150,000 rupees ($3,500 U.S.).

The Bajrang Dal organized the attack because they do not want Christians in their area conducting prayer meetings. Pastor Paulouse’s ministry covers three villages in south Karnataka state. Despite Hindu opposition, he shepherds 60 believers in the region. He has been discharged from the hospital and his stitches were removed, but his doctor has told him to continue his bed rest. His cast remains on but should be removed sometime this month."


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