Deadwood in the Pews

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The Trouble with Church
"no matter where I go there is always one idiot who ruins the experience for me. They think they know more theology than the pastor or believe they would do a better job leading worship than the music minister. They are invariably unfriendly, judgmental, hypocritical, and more than a little bit smug. Every church I go to I find a fool like that and so I shop around trying to find one that won’t let someone like that join their ranks. But he’s always there. No matter what I do I can’t shake him. Because that guy is me.

So I have to admit that I don't like church. I'd rather sleep in on Sunday mornings. I'd rather follow my own path. I'd rather excuse myself from public worship until I can 'get right with the Lord.' But I can't do that. Church is where I belong...

Why am I so dumb that I expect the church to be something its not? Why can’t I recognize that the trouble with the church is that it accepts sinners like me? If they excluded the people who could ruin it church might be a better plae. But it would also be empty.

As Peterson says, there’s no other place to be a Christian. I may not like church but it’s where God wants me to be. And though I may be nothing more than deadwood in the pews, I’ll still be there, doing my part to protect the life of the Church within.

there is also a fantastic comment on this post by Vaporboy,

I've always ascribed to 4 principles in choosing a church. 1) Go where you are fed. Go to a church that teaches the Word of God. 2) Go where you fit in. Go to a church where the teaching is in your style. God has created many churches with many teaching styles and teachers teach differently. God loves variety. 3) Go where you see fruit. Are the ministries in the church you are selecting producing fruit? Are they faithfully stepping out to fulfill the 'great commission' of sharing God's Word with each other, their community and the world? Also, does this church have a place for you to serve? 4) Go to a church that promotes fellowship. Bible studies, classes and other events to further you relationship with the Body of Christ.


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