Bart Campolo's Karamazov god

"Some might say I would be wise to swallow my misgivings about such stuff, remain orthodox, and thereby secure my place with God in eternity. But that is precisely my point: If those things are true, then God might as well send me to hell. For better or worse, I simply am not interested in any God but a completely good, entirely loving, and perfectly forgiving One who is powerful enough to utterly triumph over evil."

Tony's son, Bart, somehow thinks this god will help a 9 year old rape victim recover. Is this the weak Open Theist god who couldn't stop this crime? What's so wrong with that God in the Bible who forsook his Son to incredible injustice, degradation, torture, and violation to bring about incredible mercy? The editors of Christianity Today are open to suggestions to Bart's declaration.

update: YS pulled Bart's article


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