British cities reinstate Christmas - Whew!

The Times of India reports
Till Monday's surprise call to apply the brakes on cancelling Christmas in an almost-neurotically politically-correct Britain, local town authorities often justified the change to 'Winterval' and 'luminos' by arguing that Britain is now a multi-faith society and it was important to avoid offending religious minorities.

But British Hindu community leaders have always insisted celebrating Christmas is not offensive to them and they would like to join in the party.

On Monday, British Muslim leaders added their voices to the chorus of consternation against cancelling Christmas.

They said they honoured Christians' most important religion and local town authorities were playing into the hands of extremists by cancelling Christmas because the white Christian mainstream was erroneously led to believe Muslim communities wanted to undermine Britain's Christian culture.

The new move to restore Christmas to its legitimate place in British life comes just days after the Church of England criticised Royal Mail for issuing Christmas stamps sans a Christian theme.


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