Ur: Burned by Branding

the Ur blog post says
I’ve attended a number of conferences and read many reports in recent years about the popular multi-site church model. Invariably these sources will reference Starbucks as an example for churches who wish to establish themselves in multiple communities. But what should the church be learning from the rising anti-Starbucks sentiment?
and goes on to warn about following marketing trends...
i commented the following
"it seems that Starbucks and local cafe can co-exist, and both influence the other. i don't see the need for a dichotomy here. let's complain about methods when everyone goes to church, until then, the church should grow in all its diverse methods that the Holy Spirit uses. because individuals variously value community and quality and convenience, thus there can not be a single "correct" church format. a local cafe person may resent a corporate brand but has no interest in brewing their own. likewise, some folks like mega church, some like regular church, and some like micro church, and where the luxury of options don't exist, believers gather in whatever way is available. diversity is good, big and small, yellow black and white, they are precious in His sight..."


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