India: persecution in the south

November 27 (Compass Direct News)

Church Service Attacked

On November 3, extremists attacked an independent pastor in Nachupally village, in the Birkur Mandal area of the same district of Nizamabad.

Dr. Sajan K. George, national president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), told Compass that the attack took place when a pastor, identified only as Praharshi, was visiting a believer’s house in the village for prayer.

“When all the Christians were praying and singing to the Lord, a group of around 100 RSS youths intruded into the house and disturbed the gathering,” he said. “They severely beat the pastors and other believers with logs.”

The youths also damaged a motorcycle belonging to a Christian. The total number of those injured was unknown, but all victims were taken to a hospital and given first aid.

Four Pastors Beaten

The same day (November 3), Hindu extremists attacked four pastors of an Assembly of God church in Kerala state’s Alapuzha district.

The four, identified as Lallu Pappachen, Manoj Babu, K.J. Ebenezer and B. Jayachandran, were admitted to the government hospital in Harripad, the GCIC’s George said.

After the victims lodged a police complaint, the attackers got furious and launched an attack on the church. They destroyed equipment, furniture and the compound wall of the church.

Until a few years ago, the southern states were considered safe haven for Christians. But Hindu extremists have reportedly increased their activities in these states.


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