SIP dome homes

this is one of those posts where i imagine building an affordable home, strawbales for instance, and structural insulated panel (SIP) homes. dome homes are an alternative structure that is extremely strong, but unconventional in appearance or some say "ugly." but, fashion does not necessarily have to decide everything. affordability helps and strength and time proven design. nomadic asians lived very well in Yurts. i'm friends with a family who are living in one now as they build their conventional home. native americans lived in wigwams. unfortunately, local zoning doesn't approve of such structures for families today, nor do many wives...but i had this idea that what if these structural panels were used in a geodesic dome, and it turns out i wasn't the first to think of it. this outfit in Kansas thinks its a great idea too. financing these things is tough, because the banks don't want to mortgage something that if you defaulted on, no one else would buy. but a home might be had for half the square footage cost of a stick-built house. that's all.


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