blast past 5000 hits

i like to thank the "kuppies and pittens" for giving me an extra 150 hits today and pushing me over the 5000 hits mark. this blog averages 20 visits a day normally. there is a lesson to be learned here in not limiting your posting subjects too restrictively. its like the aphorism, "there are no dumb questions, because if you are interested others are too." kuppies are interesting to me and at least 150 new visitors.
i put the hit counter on the blog just about a year ago. so 5000 hits a year is nice. and for all you who enjoy this without attending, i hope you've been served as well at the umblog.


Anonymous said…
How about you blabbering about Christianity and being thrashed in a democratic forum
here.I would love to see rabble rouser like you who believes Christianity is the ONLY path to God[God being Jesus for you] being thrashed in forum.
jpu said…
i'm feeling the love so much right now ;-)
God is good
GuyMuse said…
Who/what are "kuppies and pittens" that gave you an extra 150 hits today? I would be very interested in learning how to get them to visit my site! :-)
jpu said…
a news item i posted a couple days ago. a brazilian family claimed their cat bred with a dog. odds are its a hoax. but it really excited alot of people who search those terms and come here, because google put me on the top of the list. unfortunately, most people don't hang around after reading the post. i was asking my wife if i should put the 4 spiritual laws or something on the bottom of the post. hopefully some of these people will come back for more reads. as you see in the first comment, the Hindu defender(s) love coming here. and Guy, you get way more hits than i do anyway. God is good to you my friend.
Anonymous said…
I am not defending any belief.Just helping you to realize that ultimate truth.:-)That truth[and hey I am sorry it is not Jesus or Bible;-)] you would get
by opening your views to rational debate in a democratic forum.
There is a proverb in Sanskrit which says that a frog in a well thinks himself to be King .Same analogy for yours.So unless you are not open to democratic debate in a forum, you...:-)
Why do you forget that being controversial and rabble rouser also makes people hit your website.But I would be eager to see me see how do you utter these nonsense in a democratic forum.:-)
So come on ...:-)Relaize the real ultimate TRUTH...
jpu said…
i've been on those forums. they are shouting matches and winners are decided by who can be online the longest and can keep typing.
i don't understand how you can defend the human rights violations of Christians in India? in your view, are they humans first, or agitators, upsetting India's Hindu culture by befriending Dalits and running orphanages and teaching the poor to read and offering an escape from the limits of the illegal caste system?
Anonymous said…
Ummm ...umblog :-)
Is that what is discussed there and defended :-)
I again say...explore and KNOW the REAL TRUTH there in forum.A golden chance to come and have rational conversation with rational people:-).Stop harping and promoting unreal beleif.Till then you are in this "well"[Umblog] and you continue to think that people believe in some medieval belief which you think is the REAL belief:-)
jpu said…
thank you for proving my point.

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