Compass Direct : INDIA - PASTOR IN JABALPUR ARRESTED FOR ‘FORCIBLE CONVERSION’August 16 (Compass Direct News) – A group of 45 to50 Dharma Raksha Sena Hindu extremists on Monday (August 14) mobbed Pastor Vinod Karsal, 50, as he visited another pastor in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh to pray for him. Karsal, a pastor at the Assembly of God Church in Jabalpur, was praying for pastor Shaun Kushwaha when a mob of 45 to 50 people from the Dharma Raksha Sena (Defense Army) gathered outside the house, began shouting anti-Christian chants and broke in. Unable to find the Bible the pastors had hidden, the Hindu extremists planted gospel tracts in the glove compartment of his Karsal’s scooter and police soon arrived to arrest him for “forcible conversion.” Police held Karsal until 11:30 p.m., until raging crowds outside the station baying for the pastor had dispersed. Dr. John Dayal, general secretary of the All India Christian Council, told Compass, “The escalation of incidents against Christians in Madhya Pradesh is quickly reaching the threshold of patience.”


Anonymous said…
Ignorance is bliss and that seems to be perfect scenario for you and your Christian brothers.Answer my few questions

1)Why is your religion getting more inclined towards becoming a cult?
2)Have you ever been to India and seen what priviledges the Christians enjoy there? If not then may be you can take one of your missionary tours and see the reality. Parasites like John Dayal are raging lunatics
3)Hindus are very peaceful community. Have you ever read a Hindu involved in any terrorist activity or terrorist threat. If your hazy vision lets you be a fair judge then i am sure you would say NO. Now you should think what the Christians are doing there that is hurting the sentiments of so many Hindus. Do you know or have any idea. Let me enlighten you. Your parasitic missionaries arrive in India in thousands and on lure of money and food try to convert people. I dont have anything against this as our our society always has and would have two types of people the Strong and the weak. The weak end up losing their identity and if that is how it is , so be it. However the "revered" pastors and nuns are indulging in activity which would make anyone red in the face. Things like miracle boxes and "Jesus wells" have sprung up. In case these things dont ring a bell, let me elaborate. "Jesus well" is water source put out in villages by Church. Who can use it. No doubts here, the Christians. So what happens to everyone else.They should convert or no water. What a noble religion no doubt.
4)Extremism??? Lets come to your Church and stick hindu fables and pics all over the place. I am sure the Pastor would be pleased and so would be the church goers as it would be such a noble deed indeed. Lets say Muslims and Hindus went to Vatican and right outside started distributing the hindu and muslim literature and started sermonizing the people. That would make the Christians extremely happy right ? Is there a law against this? No but i think there should be. There is something very small which is called human decency which Christians do not possess. Your cult has persecuted mankind for centuries and now that the world is more civilized and you can no longer go about your old savage ways, complaining and resorting to all kinds of unethical means is all you have left. It's quite shameful.
5)Hindus would protect what is their's. If extremism is the answer then so be it. We have a identity which we would never trade for your Church and it's brutal, devious, shameful and unethical ways.So when you write something research. Be socially responsible if you see yourself different from the mad missionaries. If you are one of them then i feel pity for you and your thinking. If not then bear in mind that looking thru a pinhole doesn't give you a panoramic view

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