Hopegivers International faces big challenges after double victories in Rajasthan High Court

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Hopegivers International faces big challenges after double victories in Rajasthan High Court

By Dr. Bill Bray
Special to ASSIST News Service

COLUMBUS, GA (ANS) -- Thousands of Christians all over India rejoiced today as lawyers for Emmanuel International emerged from the High Court in Jaipur, Rajasthan with positive rulings revoking a series of injunctions that had crippled their humanitarian and educational outreaches in Kota since February 20.

On Monday August 7, Dr. Samuel Thomas, president of the indigenous mission partner of Hopegivers International, was granted bail on charges that have kept him from public activity since May 20.

Then, on Tuesday August 8, in a separate judgment, the court granted relief from bureaucratic restrictions that had frozen bank accounts and prevented Christians from operating Hope Home orphanages, schools, a hospital and other institutions in the state.

“Glory to God!” exclaimed Dr. Samuel Thomas, “that’s all I can say. Amen! All glory to God!”

In February, authorities revoked operating permits for all the institutions operated by Emmanuel in Rajasthan and supported by Hopegivers International based here in Columbus, Georgia.

Lawyers who are representing the Christians say that the criminal and civil cases have not yet been discharged. The legal process will continue while the missions resume full operations, but the High Court rulings are seen as a sign that the case is moving in favor of the Thomas’ and the ministries of Emmanuel and Hopegivers.

“The lawyers are still working on the cases,” said Dr. Samuel Thomas, “but meanwhile we have the right to go back to work, the registrations have been restored and our bank accounts are unfrozen. The government observers will have to leave all of our campuses and properties.

“All things can return to they way they were back in January. This is truly a result of the prayers of Christians around the world—so please continue to pray for our safety and that the rulings of the court this week will be implemented fully.”

Dr. Samuel Thomas asked Christians throughout India and around the world to continue to pray that all the cases against the ministry and personnel will be dismissed and full freedom restored.

The Bible School and seminary in Kota are expected to reopen today and students are returning to begin classes.


Joe said…
Glory to God!

We'll continue to pray!

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