Drive 55, save gas -- get flipped off

Trip shows slowing down boosts mileage but can make you unpopular on the road
i wanted to share my experience on my trip home from vacation today, and wouldn't you know it, it's not unique.

Hartford, Ct. has a single HOV lane, no passing, for cars with at least two drivers in it. since we have more than two, and the lane is rarely used, i used it, at 60 mph. It's only a 15 mile stretch of road, but i had at least 15 cars behind me by its end, going both ways. and a New York driver in a ford expedition gave me his New York salute when the lane ended and he could resume his 75mph or whatever was his illegal goal speed. i guess i'm happy that i was able to help so many people save gas and money. its too bad, they weren't able to appreciate it.


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