Compass Direct : INDIA - TOWN PLANS BAN ON PREACHING NON-HINDU FAITHS: "August 24 (Compass Direct News) – The Congress Party-led government of the southern state of Andhra Pradesh has decided to enact a law banning preaching of any religion other than Hinduism in Tirupati, a “temple town” in large measure under the administration of its shrine. National daily The Hindustan Times reported on Monday (August 21) that the state government had made the decision under pressure from Hindu groups that had “expressed resentment over missionaries preaching Christianity near the shrine.” The daily quoted Endowments Minister J.C. Diwakar Reddy as saying that a bill would be introduced in the state assembly calling for imprisonment and a fine of 2,000 rupees (US$43). The temple administration has jurisdiction over two of the township’s seven hills. The state government plans on bringing all seven hills under the purview of the temple administration."


Anonymous said…
Trupati is one of the oldest religious place in Southern India and enjoys the same stature as Vatican for Christians.
If other religions like Islam,Budhisum,Hindusium etc are allowed to be preached inside in Vatican you are Ok to point out this .
Anonymous said…
FYI,missionaries were carrying out evangelical and conversion activities in the protected area of Tirupati which was Illegal.The seven hills of Tirupati have long been private area of Tirupati temple organisation.

Further, The constitution of India guarantees a protected area for a religious place of religion A and in that area other religion B cannot be preached.This is to keep religious harmony in the greatest country of world-India where you would find virtually every religion and its followers.This is because of Hinduism culture which unlike Islam and Christianity is not expanist. History is full of Jihads and Crusades to spread these religion by force/lure /war. Wars had been fought and then evangelical and conversion activities were follwed to convert and spread people by these religions .Never in the history you would find a single war fought to spread Hinduism/Buddhism .This is because basic tenets of Hinduism teach in universal brotherhood and believes religion is just a way of life and path to end Goal -union with God.The Hindu way of life promotes acceptance of all beliefs/religions/ways of life and it is that belief which lead to acceptance of so many religions .
But this sign of acceptance was taken as sign of weakness by some expanist regions and hence it has become more pronounced in recent years hence you see clashes between religious fanatics on both sides[John Dayal and RSS].Missionaries are more engaged in rural areas/poor areas who are illiterate and ignorant to convert them by force/lure etc which is illegal in the Law of Land.But they dare not to convert the poor in cities because they would be exposed by media/public such as this classic case of Tirupati.

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