Husband renews effort to make medical decisions for his wife

Jehovah's Witnesses :: Husband renews effort to make medical decisions for his wife: "Tawnya Nissen, 28, was hospitalized Aug. 4 with neuroleptic malignant syndrome, a condition caused by a reaction to diet pills. She entered a coma and physicians at the University of Iowa Hospitals honored health care decisions made by her husband, a Jehovah's Witness.

Earlier this month, a Johnson County judge suspended Chris Nissen's ability to make medical decisions for his wife, awarding temporary guardianship to the woman's father, Richard T. Reid.

Tawnya Nissen emerged from a coma last week and requested a transfer to a Davenport hospital, and despite a setback late last week is recovering, attorney Frank Santiago said.

"She's talking, laughing ... doing a lot better," Santiago said. "Even her husband went back to work, and he wouldn't have done that if things weren't getting better.""


Anonymous said…
I have heard and read variations on this - does anyone have a full official website of the article?

I've read that he had paperwork with her consent of no blood and then missplaced it, as well as other stuff. I'd like to verify more, but if it was me I'd like my decision respected via my mate....
Anonymous said…
I am sure most wives would trust their husband with their medical care, if the husband is a loving devoted husband. Tawnyas husband was abusive! How could he have her best interest at heart?

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