fiber cement faced/ MgOx SIPs

sometimes, i use the blog as a replacement for bookmarks... the blog is easier to search than bookmarks. this is part of my theme on building a 21st century house. hopefully, i'll build it before the 22nd century.

"Cementitious SIPs are typically manufactured of cellulose reinforced cement boards, for inside and outside skins. The material can be taped and finished on the interior surface. The fire-resistive cement board eliminates the need for gypsum drywall. The exterior surface can be painted or coated with a vinyl or synthetic stucco permanent finish. If siding or brick veneer is to be used, oriented strand board (OSB) can be applied on the exterior to accept nailing of siding or brick wall ties. It is not necessary to have both OSB and fiber-cement board on one side for brick and stucco applications. OSB can be used instead of fiber-cement board for such an application. However, there may be some difficulty in finding a manufacturer that produces this type of SIPs."

this company, thermasave, is the sole provider...their offer includes a foundation, walls, floors and roof, all precut and ready to assemble.

there is also a Magnesium Oxide board Sip maker called Titan Wall.


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