India-Motivated campaign against Christians

Motivated campaign against Christians in Tirupati
Pro-Hindu groups have launched a campaign in Tirupati recently that Christian missionaries are carrying out evangelical and conversion activities in the Hindu place of worship. Fr. Anthoniraj Thumma, Executive Secretary of the Andhra Pradesh Christian Federation presents a few facts against this motivated campaign...

A motivated campaign is being waged by the B.J.P. and T.D.P. to gain political mileage out of the Tirupati controversy. The ultimate target of attack of the Hindutva forces is Dr Y. S. Rajashekara Reddy and Smt Sonia Gandhi, the Chairperson of U.P.A. and the President of the Congress Party. Being Christians, both of them are accused of conspiring to convert the whole of India to Christianity by encouraging the evangelical and missionary activities. In this whole vicious political game, the Christians have been made pawns and some of them have already become victims. Five pastors were ruthlessly killed and many others brutally beaten up from the time Dr Y. S. Rajashekara Reddy became the Chief Minister of A.P. in 2004.

Unless the secular minded groups join together and resist the divisive hate campaign of the Sangh Parivar being waged against the Christians and other Minorities again now as part of the Tirupati controversy, several fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution including freedom of religion, freedom of movement, and right to life and livelihood in Tirupati and other temple towns of A.P. will be jeopardized, thereby lending support to the deep rooted conspiracy of the Sangh Parivar groups against Christianity and the secular democracy in India to sustain its caste domination and exploitation of the marginalized.


Anonymous said…
Instead of publishing and inciting hatered on propoganda websites,they should go to court if they feel their rughts are curtailed.

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