Lucas thinks zero-sum

i found this an interesting read on where the culture is going. he may be wrong, and he isn't putting all his eggs in his speculation, but his thoughts intrigue me.

now i will talk myself out of this, perhaps you should read it first...

why won't big movies don't go away. the same reasons restaurants don't go away. we want to get out of our homes. we get bored. which is why house churches won't dominate as long as there are venues that provide a different feel. and i'm not sure that a longing for community is the real pull. as kimball writes , and i've blogged on before, multigenerational is not staring at the back of an old guy's head.

there is some need for community. but we want to meet our friends on neutral ground that we don't have to clean, we can escape from without offense (as opposed to kicking people out of your house), etc.

so i don't think Lucas is totally write, that movies are done with. we make a mistake that things have to be zero-sum, something has to lose, either/or, instead of both/and expansion.


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