Pentecostals widening influence

"The survey estimated that Pentecostals and charismatics together comprise at least half the population of Brazil, Guatemala and Kenya, and 44 percent of the Philippines.

They make up about one-third of the population of South Africa and Chile and nearly one-quarter of Nigerians and U.S. residents. The figure for South Korea is smaller, at 11 percent. In India, the poll was limited to three states with large Christian populations, so a national estimate could not be made.

The study found Pentecostal beliefs have a strong hold in major churches in many countries."


Guy Muse said…
I too found this yahoo news article to be of interest and sent it to our church planting forum that I moderate. We can say whatever we want but they are a branch of evangelicalism that is making an impact on the world, much more so that the rest of us who watch in amazement as they continue to explode in growth all around us.

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