thanks to the 20

this blog averages almost 20 readers a day. thank you. i'm considering another change at the 4000 mark and any feedback is welcome. at another blog i came across yesterday, the blogger contends that since his identity is public, his commenters should be also so he does not allow anonymous comments. most of my comments are anonymous. so i'll probably be turning off anonymous commenting this weekend.
anyway, 4000 hits in less than a year since i put up the hit counter is cool to me.


guy muse said…
You are probably getting more than 20 hits/day. My understanding is that many bloggers use blog readers (I myself use Omea Reader) which do not register as views unless one actually clicks on the source--which I am doing to post this comment. I have never really understood how all this works, but suffice it to say you are most likely getting more than 20/day.
jpu said…
and i read your blog from feedblitz. so my enjoyment of your posts don't register on your counter either. there just isn't a good wayto watch comments yet with these readers though
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