Oct 31 roundup

i actually neglected this topic last year. i had much fewer RSS feeds to look at last year too. i have three kids. as a child, i enjoyed walking around trick-or-treating. i dressed in various outfits from humpback monster to WW1 pilot. i had even read all the Jack Chick tracts, but still enjoyed dressing up in order to earn my haul of candy which i could make last into december, unlike my brother. but i deny my children that experience and bring them to Chrisitan "harvest" parties. harvest parties are more than a semantic distinction. first of all, they aren't scary, and scary or slutty costumes are discouraged. are they so bad off that they will still have scary dreams when watching some videos that other 5 year olds no longer flinch at? i don't think so. but i also don't want them crawling into my bed for the next week because some guy with a bloody cleaver in his head greeted them at a house to give them candy. i don't want them desensitized to the creepiness. i also want to sleep. harvest parties are also a fun place to evangelize. parties are great, even greater in the acknowledgment of the King of kings.

however, we aren't going to any reformation day parties. it's pretty boring when everyone dresses up like martin luther.

so is it so bad for believers to put a positive spin on a secularized day? i don't think so. why do the Christians not get to celebrate? so what do we celebrate if not scary things? we could celebrate that we won't spend eternity with scary things because we are saved from our sins to eternal life. so we celebrate life.


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