DUH: Dilbert's Ultimate House

This is the site that actually got me started thinking about new construction that is ecologically considerate.
Update: Apparently Scott Adams took the link off his site. Here is another site with pictures. You can see more images if you search Google images as well.


jpu said…
Hi honey,

I love DUH! Let's build it!


Plush Duck said…
I love you guys, but...I think Dilbert's house is kinda ugly, especially that refrigerator location in the kitchen. It sorta ruins the panoramic view out the window (at least the one that could have been there). Of course, this comes from the perspective of a woman who loves old architecture and whose own house is a construction nightmare in perpetual progress. :-) Also, is it just me, or does that tower look like Dilbert's head, complete with glasses. This isn't one of those satirical websites that just duped me again, is it? Please tell me I'm not that slow!
jpu said…
it is dilbert's head

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