Partners blog: Burma's war on its own people

Partners is one missionary group I met last week with a focus on...
Our mission is to demonstrate God's love to victims of oppression and natural disaster...
Refugees, internally displaced people, and victims of natural disaster are all on the partners radar. Special emphasis is given to women and children, who are most vulnerable in times of conflict and crisis.

They bring supplies and hope and Jesus into the jungles of Burma...

Legally, the junta is responsible for genocide against the ethnic minority groups. Rape is used as a weapon of war (an allegation upheld by the US State Department). Landmines are widely used - killing more people in Burma in 2002 than any other country in the world. Millions of Burmese have been pressed into forced labour - what the International Labor Organization, calls "a modern form of slavery". Even the former UN Special Rapporteur on Burma Mr. Rajsoomer Lallah QC, stated in 1998, '[I am] deeply concerned about the serious human rights violations that continue to be committed by the armed forces in the ethnic minority areas. The violations include extrajudicial and arbitrary executions (not sparing women and children), rape, torture, inhuman treatment, forced labour and denial of freedom of movement.'

They can facilitate a family's survival for a month with 50 dollars (US)
The stories are so painful, that it makes the Christians' experiences in India look like child's play. Pray for the Burmese.


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