Benedict and rioutous Muslims round up

a few posts that caught my attention
WorldMag blog asks, in regard to Benedict's apology, "But what if that quotation did express his own thoughts? Would there be anything wrong with that? Muslim leaders regularly criticize Christianity; should criticism go only one way?"

Kester finds a moderate English Muslim voice,

The response to this apparent contradiction was tackled by a representative from the Muslim Council of Britain who called on us to once and for all 'separate the idea of Islam from being Muslim.'

I fear this is an impossible task. He - quite rightly, and eloquently - denounced the violence done in Islam's name, and expounded a view of it as a religion of peace. But he seems to be a minority voice; his call to effectively deny Islamic status to those who promote violence would mean huge numbers of Islamists in the East and West being told they are not following Islam properly, something I think they would ferociously resist.

This confusion between the small voices of scholars who expound Islam as a peaceful religion, and the huge dynamite voices of those who explode that view is creating a massive problem - both within the world as a whole, and within Islam itself.

and the Riddleblog comes right out and posts

The Unbelievable Hypocrisy of Muslim Outrage . . .

in which he asks
Where was this Muslim "outrage" when nineteen of their own flew two jumbo jets into the Twin-Towers and one more into the Pentagon?

Where was this Muslim outrage when Richard Reid tried to blow up a jet-liner with a shoe bomb?

Where was the Muslim outrage when suicide bombers killed scores of Aussies in Bali?

Where was the Muslim outrage when a Muslim shot-up the El-Al counter at LAX, killing a heroic young security guard?

Where was the Muslim outrage when two men rode through the DC area sniping at unaware innocents, killing in the name of Allah?

Where was the Muslim outrage for the bombings of trains in Madrid and the subways in London? Dozens of men and women were killed while going about their daily business.

Where is the Muslim outrage at news of the attempted bombings of more than a half-dozen jet-liners over the Atlantic?

This is a religion of peace, right? Where is CAIR? Where is the condemnation of acts of terror by Islamic scholars and noted Imams? Their collective silence speaks volumes.


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