Challie's reviews Yancey's book on prayer

I saw this book in a catalog and was interested, but after reading Challie's review, i've lost interest...consider this from the review,
Yancey has, in the past, hinted that he adheres to the doctrine of Open Theism and believes in a somewhat less than omnipotent or omniscient God. His clearest affirmations of this were in his book Disappointment with God, a title that is often referred to and quoted in Prayer. While this new book does not contain an explicit affirmation of that doctrine, Yancey again drops hints that he does believe it. Only a few pages into the book he says, "A hundred times a second lightning strikes somewhere on earth, and I for one do not believe that God personally programs each course." Much later, in the closing chapters, he writes, "I know a missionary whose wife and seven-month-old daughter were killed by a single bullet when the air force in a South American country mistook their plane for that of a drug runner and opened fire. 'God guided the bullet,' the surviving husband and father said to the press. We have held long discussions about that quote, because I do not believe the 'Father of compassion' guides bullets into the bodies of babies. Jesus himself refuted those who blamed human tragedies on God."
Open Theism makes God in our inmage and puts on God the limitations he puts on us. If God has lost interest in lightning strikes might not our spiritual enemy then put them to use to bring as many to hell as possible? Repeatedly, God reveals himself as one intimately involved in nature, even when humans aren't looking. How is this god that Yancy prefers any different from the Deistic watchmaker who would it up then watches to see what happens? But then Yancey does seem to relieve God of any culpability in death. Who appoints a time for every human to die? Does Satan? Or does God permit Satan? He certainly permitted Satan to kill Job's children. God didn't use Satan in his destructive and deadly judgement on many Old Testament cities from Sodom and Gomorra to Jerusalem. God had his prophets foretell the cannabilism of children by parents in the siege of Jerusalem. Are deaths at old age while asleep the only ones that his compassionate god gets credit for? What if those types of deaths come to the wicked? See the Psalms or Ecclesiastes. God gives life and he takes it away, blessed be His name. Why the rejection of his soveriegnty? How can the exchange of powerless empathy with powerful sovereignty be worthwhile?


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