Spiritual Gifts list 1 Corinthians 12-14

notes for my spiritual gifts class...[updated and color-coded]
stuff from 12
from 13
from 14

Message of wisdom
Message of knowledge
Move mountains
Gifts of healing
Possessors of gifts of healing
Miraculous powers
Miracle workers
Fathom mysteries and knowledge
Speaks strength, encouragement, and comfort
Builds the church
For believers
Can be controlled
Be eager for
Expose secrets of the heart
Prophecies need to be weighed
Instructs and encourages
Distinguish between spirits
Speak in different tongues
Speakers in tongues
Tongues of men and angels
Speaks to God not men
Utters mysteries
Builds himself
Needs to ask for interpretation
Prays in spirit but not in mind
May be giving thanks
A sign for unbelievers
Should be kept private if no interpretation available
Don’t forbid it
Interpretation of tongues

Can bring revelation, knowledge, prophecy, word of instruction
Able to help
Gifts of administration
Give all to poor


Joe said…
Thanks for the post. I had to miss last Wed class and this helps in catching up. Thanks Again

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