New England Holocaust Memorial

something i need to visit next time i'm in boston...the New England Holocaust Memorial

Visitors approaching the New England Holocaust Memorial from the Faneuil Hall side encounter a large black granite panel that outlines key historical events that led to the Holocaust ­ from the Nazis rise to power in 1933 to their defeat in 1945. As they enter the first tower, they pass over the word "Remember" inscribed in the pathway both in English and in Hebrew.

Through the voices of survivors and witnesses to the Nazi death camps, we seek to comprehend the acts of inhumanity that can stem from the seeds of prejudice. Inscribed in the glass panels at the base of the Memorial's towers are statements which represent a range of personal experiences, from the horrors of camp life to acts of resistance.

To encourage a universal understanding, information is presented about the history of that period throughout the Memorial. Inscribed along the edges of the pathway, in between each tower, are short factual statements about the Holocaust, its many victims and heroes.

This interplay of historical and personal narrative encourages visitors to understand the history of the Shoah, while never forgetting the individual lives devastated by it.

As they leave the final tower, visitors again view the word "Remember", inscribed in English and Yiddish, the language of Eastern European Jewish people.At the end of the path stands a large black granite panel, bearing the legendary quotation from Lutheran Pastor Martin Niemoeller ­ inviting them to contemplate the universal issues of prejudice and persecution today.


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