My kids think about death

We had an interesting discussion around the dinner table last night. We were talking about the kids' futures. We talk about cars and motorcycles and children... you can't put a babyseat on a motorcycle... and then one of them said, they would prefer to not grow up and just go to heaven so they wouldn't sin against Jesus and do things like smoke cigarettes, drink too much alcohol, deny Christ!!!! Woooo... While my wife and I internally panic over their longing for death, we calmly exhort them that life is good. We acknowledge that sin is bad and takes away from life as God made it, but God made so many good things like families and nature and other cultures and the clincher, more books to read.

Such serious reflection from a child always catches me off guard. Only, half an hour ago they were fighting over blocks. I think i need to encourage the kids in the Kingdom Now part of the gospel. It may not help that we've been reading the historical books of the Old Testament together over dinner. None of those characters can get their act together. I'll need to emphasize grace to them. That way they can look forward to getting their motorcycles befroe having babies and look forward to reading all the books in the library because their Father in Heaven loves them despite their sins, that's why he sent his Son to die for us and enable our adoption into his family.


Bill laMorey said…

Thanks for the link, my fellow Yankee!!!


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