Keller on Being the Church in Our Culture

"We need more Christians (1) living long-term in the cities, (2) with a deeper grasp of the gospel, (3) who are creating dynamic counter-cultures inside the city, (4) integrating faith with work, (5) pouring themselves out sacrificially for the common good of the whole city, and (6) contextualizing."

For the details, you can listen to his lecture from the Resurgence Conference on Being the Church in Our Culture.

if only it was so simple...i was motivated to live in the city by John Perkins, from Mississippi as part of his plan for racial reconciliation. i've lived in the inner city for 10 years. most neighbors that i'm friendly with are home owners and not transient, poor renters. and most home owners are white and speak english. so i haven't been able to build relationships with minorities or influence them for the kingdom much, unless calling the cops alot counts. had to do so last night because a large crowd of spanish women were screaming at each other and fighting.

i don't disagree that Christians should live in the city, just understand that most of the job is presence, more than harvesting.


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