WWJD vs. CTR (Mormons)

the last time the elderly boys in ties on bikes came to visit me, i noticed one wearing a rubber bracelet with the letters CTR on them. it's a Mormon thing, choose the right. it's not a bad thing, but as Roger at the A-Team points out, it keeps the focus on the worker in contrast to WWJD which keeps the focus on JC...

Because "WWJD” is better than “CTR.” What’s the focus of “WWJD”? Jesus. What’s the focus of “CTR”? Whatever I can do. These popular little acronyms symbolize a deeper issue that divides Christians from Mormons. The Christian is drawn back to our great Lord and Savior so that we can model ourselves after Him. The Mormon is drawn to look at his or her good works. On its own, “CTR” is innocent enough. But within the Mormon worldview, it is the summation of salvation by our their works. If they do enough of them, then they pass God’s test for this life and go on to the highest of Mormon glories.


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