understanding Islam

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In order to pray effectively for the Muslim world it is good to have some understanding of Islam from the Christian perspective. We have a number of editorials About Islam to help you:

Facts About Islam
Islam - A concise overview of the religion
Ramadan - What it is and when
The Five Pillars of the Islamic Faith including Ramadan
The Hajj - Journey of a life time
The Night of Power - Day 27 of Ramadan
The Islamic Calendar
Prayer in Islam

Culture ...
newShame-based Cultures - Cartoons, Prophets and Faith by Roland Müller
Christians married to Muslims - cross-cultural marriage resources
Arabic Names and there importance
Veiled Women - Head-Scarfs & Clothing
Customs and Behavior
Muslim's, Money and "Zakat"

Mind Sets About Islam ...
Islam : a Peace-Loving or a Militant Religion?
Community and direction - Ummah and Qibla
Muslim Fatalism
Reconciliation: Sulha

How Muslims ...
understand God
understand Man and Sin
understand Jesus
newunderstand the Bible and whether Mohammed is mentioned

How To ...
Be a Witness to Muslims (4 pages) 1) General, 2) Avoid..., 3) Opposition, 4) On Campus
Understand Arabs
Pray for Muslims
Pray Creatively
Pray the 27th - creative ideas for praying "The Night of Power"
newInterest Muslims in the Bible

A Short History of Islam
About Islam and the Prophet Muhammad
Islam Begins
Muhammad's Successors (the four Caliphs)
Muslim Empires
Islam Today

Issues in Islam
HIV / AIDS in Muslim Countries
Exploited Muslim children
The Poor and Needy among the Muslims
Refugees and Refugee Women in the Muslim world

Statistics Section (8 pages)
Statistics on Religion, Muslim Countries and Muslims in America

Things Christian
What is a Christian
Christian Fasting

Glossaries / Tools
Glossary of Islamic Terms
Glossary of Christian Terms


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