Interview on Politics of Disaster on National Review Online

"Marvin Olasky, the journalism professor at the University of Texas and editor of World magazine who coined of the term “compassionate conservatism,” has a new book out called The Politics of Disaster: Katrina, Big Government, and A New Strategy for Future Crises. He recently took some questions from NRO editor Kathryn Lopez on Katrina, big government, and raw politics.
Kathryn Jean Lopez: Has the government spent too much on Katrina relief?

Marvin Olasky: Yes: billions in fraud and billions through expensive semi-solutions, such as housing folks for months in hotel rooms rather than placing them in empty apartments.

Lopez: What was the difference between Mississippi and New Orleans, response-wise?

Olasky: The New Orleans situation was intrinsically harder and therefore required stronger leadership, but instead the mayor became hysterical and the governor tearful. Mississippi state and local officials were tougher. In both situations volunteers who went out in rowboats, skiffs, and kayaks saved many lives, and faith-based ministries did well wherever they were allowed in to help."


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