"Friends I do believe that the institutional church is a brake to the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Inban Caldwell once said to me, ‘the Devil never worries when we go to church, but he really worries when we become the church’. Let us truly become the church without walls, and be obedient to Christ and GO."

being the both/and person that i am i take issue with cheap shots against either church concept. he sees no value in the "institutional church" and its social, evangelistic, and discipleship programs. he left a staff position at a church and feels the need to keep justifying it and bringing others along. but if God can bring him out, he can bring anyone else out to. he complains of the the church ghetto. it can happen in house churches too. its about priorities. whatever your priority is, you'll make time for. if its discipleship, you'll spend alot of time with believers. if its evangelism, you'll spend alot of time with unbelievers. i'm not sure his rant is more of IC vs. HC than of an evangelist who felt trapped in a disciple training church. so indeed, as the body of Christ should work, his gift is braked by others around him. the body is a brake on gift projection. I'm glad he's HCing, just wish he wasn't slamming the IC.


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