radical youth groups

here is a novel idea, involve the parents!

Covenant Life Church : Our Life : Youth: "As with all ministries in Covenant Life Church, the youth ministry exists primarily to glorify God. The motto of the youth ministry is, 'So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.' (I Corinthians 10:31). The goal of the ministry is to shape maturing teens into young adults who love and worship Jesus Christ, by providing contexts for them to experience, apply, and proclaim the glorious gospel.

To facilitate the training of the youth, parents are equipped to effectively disciple their teens, with the help of the church community. Rather than parents abdicating their role to the youth pastor, parents are encouraged to be heavily involved in all youth activities and to be the primary means of grace in their children's lives.

The format/structure of the youth ministry consists of monthly meetings, bi-monthly small group meetings, regular recreational activities, and several service days throughout the year. The monthly meetings provide an opportunity for the youth to take an active role through prayer, worship, service, testimonies, etc. It is also used as a platform for teaching about biblical expectations for young adults and teen/parent relationships. The teachings are often discussed and applied through biblical fellowship at the small group meetings, which meet in homes where every member is expected to participate. The recreational and service activities provide additional opportunities for fellowship and relational development.

With strong parental involvement, under the direction of effective biblical leadership, we have seen God's faithfulness in revealing Himself to many of the youth, as they have recognized their need for the Savior. The fruit has been abundant as we've seen many of the youth assume their place as vital members of the church community, serving alongside the adults. The youth are seeing Covenant Life Church as their own church, not simply one they attend with their parents."


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