Things Jesus said to NEVER do

I've become a real fan of Diane's blog where she quotes,
"Here are some things that Jesus NEVER said to do:

*Go into all the world and build big buildings.
*Go into all the world and entertain the Christians.
*Go divide up into factions and constantly argue with each other.
*Go find people you can pay to go into all the world so you don't have to tell anyone yourself.
*Go into all the world that's easy to get to and will let you in without too much hassle.
*Go and elevate certain men above all the others and listen to them more than you listen to Me.
*Go into all the world and see what you can learn from them about how to influence people.
*Go get an education so you'll be thoroughly prepared by the theories and programs of Man before you go do what Jesus commanded.
*Go into all the world and learn to be just like them.
*Go into all the world and ignore all the poor people, recruit all the rich people, and then spend 95% of all the revenue on yourself and your own comforts."


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