House2House - PROPHETIC WORSHIP AND PREACHING @ UCLA: "...My voice was almost gone, but as I preached you could sense the unction and anointing of the Holy Spirit and His power. Students walking by began to stop dead in their tracks! Five here, 12 there, two tour groups stopped at the top of the college above us. An Asian fraternity sitting on the steps stopped talking and began to listen. An entire group of African Americans who just moments before had their boom boxes blasting, stopped and began to listen. Those tabling turned around. Within moments, there was a crowd of students standing in wonder and looking, gripped by the Spirit. All over Bruin Walk, students were listening to me preach the Gospel of repentance and love towards God! There had to be at least 120-150 students standing still listening for almost a half hour as I shared my testimony and proclaimed the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ! Moments before, Bruin Walk was full of noise, conversations, hustle and bustle, but all of a sudden the entire Bruin Walk was silent. God supernaturally amplified my broken voice with no microphone! People said they could hear the preaching from the third story of the building above us.

What happened? To tell you the truth, I don't know exactly what happened, but glory be to the name of God! I called them to repentance and to commit in prayer to give their lives to Christ. At least half a dozen hands rose in the air and I asked the crowd to shout out the sinners prayer with me. We could hear students’ voices all over shouting out the sinner’s prayer in commitment all over Bruin Walk! It could have only been God!

The presence of God was present, so present that we didn't even know what to do once finished praying. One student began to question what was preached and started to begin a debate. I could tell it was a distraction and God helped us by having a smoking skater sitting on some steps defend me and debate with this atheist. Then the Holy Spirit led our team to go two by two to begin talking with the students who responded.

One student from a Hindu background said, "I'm jealous for what you have! I want it but I don't know how to get it!" We began to converse and answer his questions.

Another black student who was extremely angry began to tell us, “You are full of sh#$" We listened to him say how Christians could not be trusted. He told us he was a servant of the Devil. Christians had done too much wrong in this world, including genocide, in the name of Christ. My heart began to break as I listened to him. I asked, "Holy Spirit give me wisdom to respond!" I responded to his anger by asking for forgiveness on behalf of myself and all Christians. He had no response for that. He almost began to cry and his entire countenance changed. We prayed for him and he said, “I don't know what it is about you all, but I'm the only one in my family who isn't a Christian. But if there is one church I'll go to, it's the one you go to.” We gave him the info to one of the simple churches in a hall of residence. It was the power of Christ’s forgiveness that He could not resist. We kept talking and he was being transformed right before our eyes..."


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